Food for Thought: Beignets

Cafe du Monde Beignets

On a trip to New Orleans earlier this year, I had my first beignet and fell in love with its warm, soft, and pillowy texture. Over the course of our five-day trip, we practically had beignets every day. And paired with a cup of café au lait – ooh! I miss it already.

Beignets are often described as “French dougnuts,” but the name itself is actually derived from the Celtic word bigne or “to raise.” These pastries were brought down by French Canadian migrants (Acadians) to New Orleans in the 18th Century, and since then have been a stable of New Orleans culture and cuisine.

I’m not a big fan of sweets or pastries, but even I downed a few plates of these during my stay in the Big Easy. Of the different beignets we tried (Café du Monde, Cafe Beignet, and Morning Call Coffee Stand), I would have to say my favorite is Café du Monde. After all, it’s the most talked about café in New Orleans for a good reason!

Café du Monde

Cafe Beignet

Morning Call Coffee Stand

Do you have a certain type of food on your mind today? What is it, and are there special memories associated with this food? Let me know what you’re thinking!


Writer’s notes:

  1. Read more about beignets here (via Joe Gambino’s Bakery) and here (via National Geographic).
  2. If you are in town and looking to try Café du Monde, the lines can be excruciatingly long during the day. I’d recommend going in the evening, when it’s less busy. We went around 9-10 PM in the evening twice during our stay, and we didn’t experience more than a five-minute wait to be seated – even with a party of five!


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